Are you drowning in Drupal, or is one of your co-workers? We all know that the demand for Drupal talent exceeds the available talent pool. There is too much work, and not enough workers with Drupal experience.

And so companies hire for attitude, and train for skill.


But where do you get that training from? Site Building Fundamentals for Drupal is exactly what you've been looking for. Topics include:

  • An Introduction to Drupal Core
  • Storing Reusable Content
  • Building Navigation Systems and Static Lists of Content
  • Adding Functionality With Contributed Modules
  • Dynamic Lists of Content (with the module Views, of course)
  • Layout and Site Design
  • Creating Restricted Areas on Your Site
  • Content Manager Work Flow
  • Site Builder Work Flow

This class is perfect for those who are comfortable on the Web, but new to site building in Drupal. Students who are likely to be most successful in this workshop are: designers frustrated they can't move *that thing* so that it's *over there*, small business owners wanting to build themselves a web empire, and project managers working at a Drupal company who are trying to wrap their heads around what clients are asking for (and what developers say is impossible).

Class will be divided into whole picture thinking, and practical hands-on activities. You will even be able to click-along in your own practice Drupal site (we provide you with the test previous Drupal experience is necessary). This workshop is a perfect complement to the book Drupal User's Guide ($40, available at better bookstores and Amazon). In the workshop we'll complete step-by-step activities which are expanded on in the book. Registration fee typically includes a copy of Drupal User's Guide, however, it the workshop can be purchased without receiving a print copy of the book.

Your instructor for this workshop, Emma Jane Hogbin (that's me), has been tinkering with Drupal for almost as long as it's existed. She's been teaching web technologies for about the same amount of time. This Site Building Fundamentals online workshop was specifically designed for beginner site builders who are trying to wrap their head around how stuff gets into Drupal, and then how it gets back out again.